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About Wuudply

Established in the year 1986, The company specializes in wood and allied products.We manufactures plywoods, flush doors, block boards, commercial and decorative veneers for home and office furnishings. The company imports both logs and veneers from Myanmar for its production. Gurjan specie is less proned to borer and termite attack.Each product under goes through a stringent 5-step process, making it termite and borer resistant.

Made from 100% Gurjan timber, Wuudply plywood has high dimensional stability and is 100% warp free. In fact prime veneers ltd was the first company in India to provide plywood with only Gurjan core veneers.

100% Gurjan core veneers

Our vision & mission

To provide the high quality product through our highly skilled and dedicated employees and state of the art manufacturing process. To support our customer by providing superior products of exceptional value. Also the company aims towards a sustainable use of natural resources and to be known by our customers for our product quality

Message from director

Prime veneers ltd is a leading manufacturer of high quality plywood, flush doors and block boards. The woodply range, which includes the flagship brand woodply Plywood, is made from the best specie, well suited for plywood manufacturing which is known as Gurjan. the company imports both logs and veneers from Myanmar for its production.