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Fire Retardant Grade IS 5509

Wuudply Prime fire retardant plywood is specially treated with chemicals that prevent flame from penetrang the plywood or from spreading it.

The treated wood chars, but does not oxidize, which significantly reduce the spread and progress of fire in a building. Certain plywoods are also graded 'exterior' which gives both a fire retardant rang and a treatment to prevent the fire retardant chemicals from leaching out in wet condions.

Fire retardant plywood – Type 1

Treated with Ammonium Phosphate
Technical Specificaon for IS 5509:2000
Static bending strength
Along = MOR : 40 N/mm2
MOE : 5000 N/mm2
Across = MOR : 3 6 N/mm2
MOE : 2 500 N/mm2